Getting started

Register with us online and obtain your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) in few steps
  1. Complete the form in each of the tabs Personal, Residential, NextOfKin and Employer. UserID and Password will immediately be sent to you when the Personal Information tab is completed.
  2. You can save your information as you go along and retrieve to continue at later time by clicking save on each tab.
  3. Upload Relevant Documents (scanned) and Images through the Documents tab
  4. Submit your request for processing through the FinalSubmit tab. You can print your Completed Form for your reference (if desired).
  5. Your RSA will be communicated via SMS and Email as provided.

Login here (if already Started)

Personal information

Residential Address

Next of Kin (NOK)

Employer Information

Document and Passport Upload


  • Passport and Signature should be in JPEG, JPG format
  • Other documents can be PDF, JPG, PNG, JPEG or MS Office Doc
  • Passport should also be on white background
  • Means of ID can be any of Drivers License, Voters Card, International Passport or Staff ID)
  • Letter of First Appointment or Attestation Letter applies only to employees of the Public Sector Treasury-Funded Agencies and Police Personnel
  • While the documents are all required, you can upload some and continue with the remainder at a later time

Review and Final Submission


  • Review the information provided to ensure correctness. System will also check for completeness of mandatory fields during Final submit
  • You can print your Form for reference (if desired)
  • Select your preferred Account Officer (if desired).
  • Read the Certification Section and tick accordingly
  • Submit your Form for RSA PIN Processing by Clicking the Final Submit button